Interns have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the adult day environment, striving to make interpersonal connections with our members and assisting staff in therapeutic calendar programming and development.   Due to the unique nature of our social-medical adult day model, Open Circle offers relevant experiences to a wide range of studies, from Health Care and Social Sciences to History, Education and Communication majors.

From PSEO to graduate level, each student enjoys ample face time with their Open Circle supervisor, an extremely flexible schedule that takes into consideration the many demands on the contemporary student’s life and the ability to infuse the internship experience with their own unique knowledge, talents and life experiences.

We recognize the immense contribution academic outreach initiatives have made in our organization’s ability to deliver the highest quality, therapeutic programming and engagement to our members. Open Circle actively reaches out to local colleges and universities, inviting students and faculty to support our organization’s service to the senior community through the medium of internships, community engagement experiences, undergraduate and graduate level practicums, special projects and work force education opportunities.


Our internship experiences are all about interaction, education, skill building, work force development through direct engagement with our members and staff.


  • Attend an orientation session and complete required paperwork prior to first day.

  • Attend, at minimum, 1.5 or more hours at a time.  A set schedule is preferable but not mandatory.

  • (Preferably) volunteer over at least one of the two scheduled activity hours (10:30 and/or 1:30)

  • Track requisite internship hours 

  • Comply with Open Circle’s policies and standards of conduct such as HIPPA, Dress Code, Attendance etc. 


  • Shape the nature and direction of the internship to meet the coarse objectives  

  • Develop and implement new activities or projects based on personal interests, talents and life experience. 

  • Provide one to one and small group social engagement 

  • Conduct informational interviews with Activity, Nursing, Administrative and Social Work Staff 

  • Enjoy a highly flexible schedule based on student needs and interests


  • Co-facilitate therapeutic calendar activities with activity staff, as related to the individual student’s course learning objectives. 

  • Conduct one to one or small group activity sessions with members 

  • Socialize with members and facilitate peer connections.

  • Assist with activity preparation, organization, research and daily tasks.

Please see the FAQs & Forms tab for an application and essential paperwork.